How we work at

Woodford Children

Woodford Children’s Home (WCH) is a residential home for children and young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD). We provide care utilising both Integrated Systemic Therapy (IST) as developed and implement by Childhood First and Systemic Models of care developed for residential settings by The Institute of Family Therapy (IFT). We are proud to be the first and only private care provider to be trained in IST. Our Head of Psychotherapy provides clinical oversight of our weekly reflective practice group sessions, team dynamics group, group supervision and multidisciplinary review meetings. We support traumatised children and young people aged between 11 -17 years old of either gender with a range of complex needs.


All WCH Practitioners undertake an 18-month training programme in partnership with Childhood First and IFT. This training allows us to provide integrated programmes of care, stable long term placements and offer care for children who need it most.


Young people placed with us will be able to continue to develop into adult life and progress through to a semi-independent home, provided adjacent to WCH.  Our aim is to help children to achieve outcomes equivalent to their peers who are not looked after children. We are committed to creating environments where children and young people can have their care, emotional, educational and treatment needs met by experienced and informed Practitioners.  Our work is grounded in psychodynamic principles. We believe that a child’s difficulties are rooted predominantly in their past relationships, and that healing can happen through the building of new and safe relationships, an environment where the hurt and damage of a child’s past can begin to be addressed.


Our services ethos is to provide a safe, valuing environment for children where they can develop skills and abilities to successfully move back to their family or into adult life.


We understand that some of the negative behaviour displayed by young people is a reaction to dysfunction in the home, school and community. Often, when faced with such difficulties they do not have the right coping mechanisms to deal with difficult situations. This can lead them to running away, getting involved in anti-social behaviour, self-harming and increasing their vulnerability. Woodford Children’s Home are dedicated to providing high quality residential care to children and young people (CYP) who, due to circumstances in their young lives, require accommodation and the support of a trained Practitioners team to address and deal with issues that make them vulnerable.


Our approach to childcare is one of nurturing and centres on healthy emotional and social development.


We employ Practitioners who are skilled and experienced and then train them to our deliver our high level of care. We only employ Practitioners who are flexible, responsive and innovative in meeting the needs of children who can be challenging and need a holistic and multi-agency approach to their care.


We then train these Practitioners in communication techniques to allow them to engage with our young people on a deeper level and ensure that their time spent with us is restorative and transformation Our residential services benefit from clinical oversight from a consultant Head of Psychotherapy, their role is firstly to assist in reviewing referrals to match their needs with the existing household, this is done in conjunction with the registered manager who has overall authority on the decision to offer a placement or not.


This assessment also begins to inform what our long-term care plan would be for them. Once placement is made our Head of Psychotherapy will carry out an initial psychological assessment of the child, informed by the records of the support workers. From this assessment an initial care plan will be developed. Over the next 4-6 weeks our Head of Psychotherapy will then review and update as necessary depending on the progress of the child. If additional outside resource is required this will be identified and arranged.  The group analyst and Head of Psychotherapy work together to ensure our integrated systemic support is delivered.


The main function of our Head of Psychotherapy’s role is to assess the inner world of the child once placed and work in collaboration with the group analyst, the registered manager and the support workers, in order to establish the formulation of the treatment for each individual child.


Our approach at Woodford Children’s Home is based on the premise that the welfare of children and young people is paramount.  Our care provided is based upon the recognition that children and young people require safety, space, clear boundaries, opportunities for growth, time to reflect and to be encouraged and supported to be involved in the decision-making process that affects their lives.

We can make a difference because we:

o Remain committed to the development of children/young people we support and look after


o Will nurture and develop the strengths and weaknesses of the young people we support


o Will Adopt and present a person-centred approach to meeting the individual needs of all the young people in our care


o Will never stop trying to encourage all our young people to achieve their goals or aspirations


o Our team has a variety of professional backgrounds


We know that children and young people also need opportunities to develop and experience positive relationships with adults. This requires the support and guidance of positive role models, as well as a structured environment and the opportunity for new experiences.