Our Education

The promotion of education and learning is part of our holistic approach and forms a crucial element in the care and development of all children and young people placed with us.

Educational provision, staff encouragement and support.
Woodford Children’s home is not registered as a DfES provision, but does have good relationships with the schools in the local vicinity. Woodford have the resource to accommodate short term Education until other arrangements will be agreed.
The staff team encourage, and support learning, promoting each child’s/ young person’s educational plans and adapting their individual needs recognising some children/young people may need more support that others as a result of their unique learning abilities.
Home will work directly with local authorities, school caseworker to ensure each child will attend school/Education provider.

Supporting children and young people with Special Educational Needs.
We recognise that every child and young person will be diverse in their abilities and also learn at different rates.
As with all children placed, specific educational needs will be identified and the staff team are able to offer support within their schools/colleges and also within the home, working with the home tutor’s system if applicable and encouraging extra educational activities, homework and close liaison with school caseworker /Education Team.
Special educational needs (SEN) that affect a child’s ability to learn can include:
• behaviour or ability to socialise, e.g. not being able to make friends
• reading and writing, e.g. they have dyslexia
• ability to understand things
• concentration levels, e.g. they have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
• poor educational attendance
• background trauma/abuse

Children with learning difficulties may have a Statement of Education Needs (SEN) or an Education, Health and Care plan (EHC) in place.
We oversee this plan is adhered to and updated regularly, making sure all the needs of the children/young people in our care are met.
We recognise the importance in working in partnership with teachers, schools, colleges and maintain regular contact, attending all parents and open evenings to support and monitor our children’s progress.
Non-attendance, suspended or expelled

If a young person is suspended, expelled, refuses education or has no temporary educational placement, a structured timetable is put in place until an alternative has been found. Home tutors will be arranged on a temporary basis.

Areas available to study and home tutoring
Woodford is able to offer space to study with shared spaces on the ground floor. A desk is provided in the bedrooms, and the dining room area which is bright and spacious offers a good facility that is conducive to independent learning.
One of the staff member is accredited as a Teacher, as well other staff member is able to help and coordinate homework short term education.