Our Education

The promotion of education and learning is part of our holistic approach and forms a crucial element in the care and development of all children and young people placed with us.

Woodford Children’s home is not registered as a DfES provision, but does have good relationships with the schools in the local vicinity. Woodford has the resource to accommodate short term Education until other arrangements will be agreed.

Learning Everywhere

The staff team encourages, and supports learning, promoting each child’s/ young person’s educational plans and adapting their individual needs recognising some children/young people may need more support than others as a result of their unique learning abilities.

Home will work directly with local authorities, school caseworkers to ensure each child will attend school/Education provider.

As with all children placed, specific educational needs will be identified and the staff team are able to offer support within their schools/colleges and also within the home, working with the home tutor’s system if applicable and encouraging extra educational activities, homework and close liaison with the school caseworker /Education Team.

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