Our Children

The children and young people cared for are between the ages of 11-17 and come from diverse backgrounds with various needs. Our dedicated and experienced staff team care for these young people with empathy and sensitivity, enabling them to rebuild their lives and equipping them for a bright future.

We understand that some of the negative behaviour displayed by young people is a reaction to dysfunction in the home, school and community. Often when faced with such difficulties they do not have the right coping mechanisms to deal with difficult situations. This can lead them to running away, getting involved in anti-social behaviour, self-harming and increasing their vulnerability.

Our residents are encouraged to engage in creative activities, to build independence, strength and resilience. We want them to succeed in life and to discover their unique abilities and talents. We not only want them to achieve academically but to also acquire the necessary social skills to enable them to function effectively within the wider community.

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